Monday, April 2, 2007

Rwanda happened and now Darfur is happening, Do you really care?

Have you heard about the Rwandan Genocide? Do you recall what happened in Rwanda in 1994?
Perhaps, you don't exactly remember what happened during the genocide that lasted approx. 100 days but you probably remember what happened after that. . What do you recall most about it? Most people remember what the international community did, absolutely nothing.
333 1/3 lives were terminated every single hour, 800,000 were killed. All this happened while the world stood around with its hands in its pockets.
So, not a lot of action was taken to stop the Rwandan Genocide but currently, Darfur awareness is all over the place. It seems that the whole world is concerned about Darfur. I read about it everywhere I turn and its the first thing that pops up when you hear the word "Sudan". The first question I am asked when I mention I'm from the Sudan is "what do you think about Darfur " or "what is going on in Darfur ".
I've read a lot of articles about Darfur and the actions that should be taken there, some of them mentioned the Rwandan Genocide by saying" we allowed this to happen, we should try harder to stop Darfur". Wait a minute, Do you think that the international community feels guilty after all? Do they think that by helping out in Darfur, they might make-up for their idleness in Rwanda?
The UN troops and the "Operation Turquoise" didn't stop the genocide from taking place. The soldiers failed to stop the mass murders. Do you think that the UN troops will stop Darfur or secure the region? If you think that by sending the UN troops....Darfur will be stopped and people will be safe again. Then PLEASE dont send any soldiers, why risk their lives? Just send a bunch of housewives and they will do the same job perfectly! They can do whatever they want, pull out the American troops from Iraq and take them to Darfur, send hundreds of European soldiers and even send more African Union troops. By doing so, Are they going to solve the problem?
I dont think our beloved president will allow the troops inside the country, if he wanted to stop Darfur then he would've stopped it. Do you think he cares? He definitly didnt show any signs of remorse yet!

Pissed off, Shocked and Confused



Daana Lost in Translation said...

well to be honest with I believe that the word genocide is a very inaccurate word to describe what is happening in Darfur. I have read many articles, spoken to many people (including people who visited the region from the Islamic Relief Organization as well as individuals who went there for humanitarian purposes) and all of them agreed that the whole thing is no where near a genocide, it is blown up out of proportion, and not like the media shows it to be. One of the stories I heard from a Darfurian man was that he went into some sort of exhibition in the states showing pictures of rape victims from Darfur, and he said one of the pictures he saw was for his aunt, so he contacted one of her sons to find out what is going on and he told him that all that was a lie and nothing of that sort has happened to the mother, and when he reported that to the museum all they did was remove her picture. Another story I heard from a guy that went to Darfur on a humanitarian mission that (he was sudanese) he decided to ask one of those rape victims what the word rape meant, and she couldn't explain anything so when he finally told her what it was she looked ashamed, covered her face, and started saying astghfar Allah then ran out. I think the true problem in Darfur is that the government and the rebels are both playing dirty roles. The tribes in Darfur are in dire need of water and grazing land so that caused many problems between them, so the rebels cashed in on it and decided to use that to get what they want by saying it's a genocide and arabs are killing africans and all that hocus pocus, on the other hand the government started to use local guerillas to do their dirty work and fight the rebels. I am not saying that there hasn't been any killing or raping in Darfur because there probably have been things like that...but to label the whole thing as a genocide that I don't buy. It's political agenda that is supported by both economic and political interests of many people. Another point I should note is that the Darfur media attention fluctuates based on the need of the political interests of western countries. ya3ni it was really under the spot light during the U.S. presidential elections because both parties were trying to get votes of the african american community. Sorry that I wrote so much but Darfur is one issue that bring a lot of pain to my heart because truly no one cares about the conditions of the people there.

Kizzie said...

Hello Dana,
Thank you very much for your comment.
We are all concerned about Darfur walaahi!
I really want to get on the next plane to sudan, drive to darfur and see what is really happening. I dont trust the news walaahi! especially the whole rape is out of control, girls cant walk for 1 m without getting abused etc...
I really hate how Darfur turned from a huminatarian crisis to a political crisis.
Anyways, whats your take on the int'l troops or the UN troops?
Sra7a, I just want the AU troops!
I really wish Bashir can carry out the negogiations with the so called rebels and reach a proper peace agreement and stick to it!
I really want sudan to solve its own problem. we know better about our probs and we should stop letting others interfere in our own bzness, they mess it up.
I really think that the au troops should secure the place sao people can go back to their homes. Camps are soo wrong! hygiene probs/children stooped going to schools/ if people went back to their homes, they can get to work and produce their own food then we wont need the generous int'l food aid