Sunday, May 6, 2007

ELECTIONS in Sudan! I thought it will never happen in my lifetime! dad just told me a few days ago that we will have elections in Sudan in 2008.
elections? are you talking about proper elections? the ones normal democratic countries have? elections as in people will vote?
If we are going to have elections in Sudan then I suggest that someone explain the meaning of "elections" to the Sudanese and yes, they might have to define "democracy" too!
I'm sure most of the people never voted before. We've had so many coups, it's the only way presidents change in Sudan! Yes, coups, real military coups where they overthrow the president and take over.

I'm slightly glad right now..I mean for a while there I started believing that "our president is immortal" ( I still believe he is!).
What do you think? Will we ever have elections anytime soon?


Daana Lost in Translation said...

hi kizzie

well Sudan definitely had it's share of political unrest, however, we also had our fair of good political experiences. Elections have happened in Sudan before from independence, after the coup of president siwar al dahab and several other times that I can't remember at some point we were a democratic country but for the past few decades it's gotten worse and I blame it all on Nemairi (yest Nemairi I don't like that man one bit he is the cause of so much suffering that I don't think Allah will ever forgive him). good post ya kizzie :) I can't believe I missed almost 3 posts 4 u (love the samy post...maybe next time u can write about Alexander Siddig the guy from Star Trek and Syriana he is also sudanese the nephew of al sadig al mahdi for that ) yalla...I truly hope one day u will be a great journalist to lift up the unjustice that has been done to Sudan by international media and caused by sudanese traitors unfortunately.

Dave Lucas said...

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Kizzie said...

Hello Dana,
Thanks for commenting on this post:)
Well, I know that elections happened before after independance lakeen it was long time ago:)
We've had several coups in the last few decades and yes, I despise Nimeri. I liked some of the things he did but he was too weak to be a president.
but our current "Beloved" president makes Nimeri look like a "NUN".
Alexander Siddig is really good-looking plus he is a gr8 actor. I'm looking forward to seeing him in more int'l movies. I wonder if he is gonna be part of emma's war:)
Dana, I applied for a summer course in California this summer. We r going to go to UC Berkely and U of Santa Barbara and meet many journalists and imp figures we kida. We are going to cover the immigration issue (mexicans in california):) my dad is cool with it lakeen my mum is in Jakarta so I ahve to wait 4 her to come back 2 talk 2 her about it:)
where in america do you live?

Daana Lost in Translation said...

hey kizzie,

ur coming 2 america cool beans...I really want 2 go 2 California this summer insha allah...I live in atlanta in georgia so on the other side of the nation. lakin where do u live???? maybe we can meet when u get here :)

Kizzie said...

Hey Dana,
I currently live in Cairo.
If I came to California. I will be staying in LA, San Francisco and UC Berkely n Uni of Santa Barbara.
We will be staying fel dorms in santa barbara we kida.

I can't wait.
yes we should meet up

Anonymous said...

Satan likes Numeri j/k. Great topic. I reiterate what Dana said, may international media and Sudan traitors be casted to damnation.

biko said...

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