Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bad News:- Attack on British embassy in Sudan

Long time blog...I was a bit bz sleeping,writing and spending some alone-time.

Bad bad news..

Attack on British embassy in Sudan foiled

Britain's embassy in Sudan was closed yesterday and expatriates warned to be on their guard after security forces foiled a plot to attack the heavily-guarded building in Khartoum.Eight Sudanese men were arrested in connection with the planned attack. Three stocks of explosives and grenades were uncovered in Khartoum.A Foreign Office spokesman confirmed that the embassy was the group's proposed target. Attacks on the American and French embassies and the office of the United Nations envoy in Sudan are also believed to have been planned.
The British embassy has closed its doors until further notice and consular wardens are believed to have contacted expatriates to warn them to take security precautions.Sudan's regime hosted Osama bin Laden in Khartoum between 1991 and 1996.Although the regime eventually expelled him and began co-operating with the West in the war on terrorism, al-Qa'eda still has a presence in Sudan.President Omar al-Bashir has accused Britain and America repeatedly of plotting to "re-colonise" his country, using the war in Darfur as a pretext. But this plot was foiled by the regime's security forces.

Seriously...freaking terrorists need to get out of my country!

ps:-thanks for news "Sudanese Thinker"

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AyMoNy said...

freaking terrorists need to get out of my country!
Well, Kizzie. The problem is that those terrorists are just as Sudanese as you are. We should look at the reasons why our people are "passionately" fighting against the west, represented by UK and US.
People is Sudan DO BELIEVE the west doesn't really care about people in Darfur, but rather has other agendas for Sudan.