Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Random Thought: Marriage or Death?

Last month, my mother told me about a Sudanese girl who died a month before her wedding and today, she told me about a sudanese bride-to-be who passed away during her sub7iya(Bridal Dance).
and yeah, my relative passed away a couple of days after he got married.

Is marriage a bad omen?


Dalu said...

YES! lol
But that's just coming from someone who has some serious commitment/marriage phobia issues. ;')

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I've always thought so.

Had one lucky escape so far.

Kizzie said...

We have alot in common!

Crushed by ingsoc,
u've always though marriage kills? jk

Dalu said...

Hehe Kizzie, what causes your fears? I wonder if it's the same as mine. lol. But I'm a bit I doubt it...

I tell my friends that marriage is where love and romance goes to die. :'P

Maybe I should blog about this mess.

lady macleod said...

from your statistics I would say yes... but the hope springs eternal that the answer is no. I had a great one, so it can happen.

Anonymous said...

No! An omen warns of impending doom, whereas once you're married, well, it's a bit late by then, innit?

Kizzie said...

what causes your fears?
I think I will have to email you now:)
I'm a bit selfish I guess, I like having my own space and I like the freedom of being a single independant woman.
marriage and limits come in one package. I do want to get married someday but he better be worth it!
I'm very picky btw!

lady mcleod,
oh, thanx for your optimism:)
I hope I'm as lucky as you are:)

you have a point:)

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