Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Represent Africa with every step you take!

Yes! You can finally represent my/our beloved Africa!

You can purchase the shoes online at

p.s:- they don't have a Sudan one yet but u can always rep Ghana or Nigeria or even Liberia;)


Dalu said...

I would rep ghana, liberia, or nigeria but this trio to tend to be so over rep'ed that people now think they equal Africa. And it annoys me. Kind like when people where "jamican" national colors (paired with a bob marley t-shirt)and totally feel down with the cause.

They are kinda cute though. :)

God, Kizzie, I have 897980 pages to read and i'm over here spamming your blog. *sigh

Kizzie said...

your spamming is appericiated!

I'm so mad they dont have sudan, isnt like the largest african country? lol not that it matters but its still annoying, let's email them n complain.

Black Kush said...

On the hand, how do you go around with your flag on your feet, literally? ;)

A long time ago when Congo was still Zaire and Mobutu was President, Arab Sudanese were flogged there for wearing a pair of leopard skin "Morkub"! Why? How can you wear it on your feet when Mobutu puts it on his head?

Kizzie said...

Black Kush,
I really don't see a problem in doing so...u know represneting from head to toe kinda thing

lol, sudanese love their morkubs! I have a female morkub , i never wear it@

Bronze Trinity said...

I would like a Pan-African pair. They are pretty cool :)

Kizzie said...

bronze trinity,
aint they just fabulous:)