Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Taking Darfur to a whole new level- Darfur online

Guess what!
Good news or Bad news, it's your call!

In 2005, Sudan was googled 231,369 times every single day and 10,057 times every single hour.
In 2006, the word Darfur was used 6,960,000 times ( 4,210,000 of that was in the news or in reports).Check Spelling
Darfur is googled 13 times every minute.
The word Genocide was used 51 million times in 2005.
The word Janjaweed was used 826,000 in 2003.
The word Janjaweed was used 798,000 in 2005.
There are about 159,000 Darfur websites.

Where was the internet in 1994 when Rwanda was happening?


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

But still nothing is done by the powers that be.

Dalu said...

What Ingsoc said.

Also, this is brutal to say, but the interest in Darfur is almost..."hip" if you want to be in the "know" you better mention Darfur at least once in your speech or have a t-shirt, pin or sticker...

Darfur is now a "buzz word"

Kizzie said...

crushed by ingsoc,
more is done about darfur ofcourse, out of guilt mabye? many thing so!

yes sure. The "save darfur" campaign and all the celeb interested in darfur. but if george clooney must talk about darufr for people to listen then so be it!