Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Africa and Aids

First, they had the most successful program to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in the world now, they are going to produce HIV/AIDS treatments locally.

Way to go Uganda!


Dalu said...

Uganda will always have a soft spot in my heart. I'm glad! :)

Also, like ten years ago, when I was there, even as a little girl I saw the amount of effort that went into "informing" people about HIV/AIDS.

I am focusing on the positives here...

Aaron Stewart said...

Got a link for this information? I'd love to read it :)

Kizzie said...

yes, its amazing! The best program in the world, the rates dropped at an alarming rate!
stay positive n optimistic!

aaron stewart,
sure here u go

Daana said...

way 2 go Uganda...hope the rest of Africa follows steps pretty soon

Kizzie said...

mostagen! it's been a while, any plans for Eid?

Yes we should all follow soon!

Daana said...

same plans in the US of A for eid...and there is a dichotomy among the ppl as to when to celebrate eid. I may need your help about some info if you don't mind...I may be coming to egypt to do my practicum in public health next fall...any advice????

Anonymous said...

Its the first time I read your blog - I am sorry to have been slow in visiting and I shall be back!!

Kizzie said...

Dana, ,
muslims around the world always do so, when it comes to Eid we should follow Saudi Arabia, I think.
Walahi, I'm not an expert in this field laken I will ask 4 u. I would love to have you here:)

welcome to my blog:) amd I would love to have u visit regularly!

Aaron Stewart said...


Thanks for the link. This is wonderful news! I'll be back here in a regular basis. :)


Kizzie said...

Welcome Aaron,

Plz come back to my blog and visit us in the Sudan again!