Wednesday, October 3, 2007

President BeshBesh isn't immoral after all and money for Darfur

I don't care if it's out of shame or out of guilt but the Sudanese president is finally showing real serious commitment to solving the conflict and Darfur and most importantly, rebuilding Darfur so Darfurians can finally return home.

Read this,
"Sudan's government has promised $300m (£150m) to "help rebuild and repair" Darfur, tripling a previous pledge, said ex-US President Jimmy Carter. "

Most importantly,
"Mr Carter said President Omar al-Bashir was also willing to have international observers at planned elections in 2009. "

I can't contain my excitment now! In 2009, we might actually have a real dedicated peaceful intelligent honest president.
Thank you God! For quite sometime, I thought the current president was immortal!

here is the link


Amjad said...


"Sudan's government has promised..."


Kizzie said...

Ya Amjad yakh '7leeena nafra7 showayaaa, '7leeek optimistic ya manga!

Amjad said...

lol.. I can NEVER be optimistic with this so dear government.