Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sarkozy and immigrants

If I were Nicholas Sarkozy, I would definitly stop giving the so-called "immigrants( second and third generation African and Arab immigrants who speak perfect French and consider France their homeland) a hard time becuase he is an immigrant himself!
Sarkozy, a FIRST generation immigration was born in France however, his parents were both born in Hungary!


Dalu said...

It's all about Race.

Kizzie said...

lol I just read somewhere that his mother has "Ottoman" heritage in other words "Turkish. I would laugh if he had Muslim heritage!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

When my old man goes on about immigrants, I point out to him that his mother still lives, though his father doesn't.

And she CERTAINLY wasn't born in Britain.

Kizzie said...

crushed by ingsoc,
oh yes!
The world is soo mixed nowadays, every country has a significant amount of people who are not originally from there.

are the kenyans of indian descent kenyan or indians living in kenya?
are the immigrants in britain who lived there for generations british or simply 3rd generation immigrants?!
confusing world