Thursday, October 18, 2007

A zoo for Africans

I wanted to tell you about this for a while you go:

A zoo in Seatle, US is having some kind of cultural program for Americans to discover African culture.
A good idea to do so is to "Exhibit Maasai People" .
They actually e-mailed my professor's friend requesting Masaai's for exhibition!
Last time I checked, a zoo was strictly for animals!

Wholeheartedly pissed-off!


Dalu said...


Is there a link for this?
Argh I'm dizzy.

jmb said...

Sometimes the Americans just make me shake my head.

Kizzie said...

it's an email sent to my professor:) no link sorry!

well, don't know what to say!

Ensayn1 said...

@JMB, please be specific, its not all Americans it is white America and the few idiotic non white Americans that would agree to this. For me these non whites that would go along with this should be horse whipped!!!
@Kizzie, This is not new white America did this with a Black African named Otabenga and a Inuit family from Alaska in the 1930's. The Germans often did this with people from Africa as well setting up an African "zoo" in the late 1930's and early 1940's in Hamburg, Germany.

@All Africans, it is very very important to distinguish none whites and white people when speaking of America and Americans. Most of us Black people don't like to be lumped into a group with them!

AyMoNy said...

Here's the link, guys..

I'm speechless!


Dalu said...

There are already Maasai being exhibited in the zoo. I want to know how the Maasai involved view this practice.

Do they not realize the ignorance behind such a practice? especially after looking at the long history of having africans (and other peoples) be put in exhibits? hmmm.

ensayn - your words are a bit harsh. :'\ Also yes, not all Americans are white, but your statement suggests that all white americans are racist.

Homeland Colors said...

If the Masaai were acting as guides to the animals, seeing that they are probably better experts on Kenyan wildlife than anyone else, it could fly, but if the zoo is trying to play anthropologist it is making a huge mistake.

Kizzie said...

Yes, I have heard about it. It's sad.

It's not really a "white" American thing it's just that some people still view Africans as inferior/animals etc... I've met some great "white" Americans so I can never ever generalize. I'm sure many americans dont agree with this:).

yes this takes us back to Sara Bartman.

Homeland Colors,
I pick the second choice:s it's such a horrible thing. I don't believe that they saw anything wrong in it.

Mes Deux Cents said...


They had the same sort of thing in Germany maybe 2 years ago. There were a lot of protests.

This sort of thing harkens back to Saartji Baartman aka Hottentot Venus.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I don't blame you! What's the matter with them?!

Kizzie said...

Mes Deux cents,
Yes Sara Baartman 1810 and Seatle zoo 2007!

I have no clue. They should've sued them!