Friday, February 15, 2008

Spielberg, GROW UP!

It's going to be a very busy semster so, this blog is going to be updated every now and then.

I read the news about Spielberg withdrawing as an artistic advisor for the 2008 olympics in China.

Bel 3arabi kida, it's absurd! This is the dumbest thing I've read in a while.

Spielberg, are you scared of George Clooney not acting in your movies again or what? Did Hollywood pressure you into doing it? well, bravo. Instead of reading about Darfur and using your brain, you did the dumbest thing ever!

First of all, if the Sudanese government chooses to use the oil money to commit crimes against humanity and murder their own citizens, it's their . Let's not blame China for it because Darfur is a conflict in Sudan not between China and America or is it?

Sudan started exporting oil in 1999 , in other words, the government managed to fund Africa's longest-running civil war BEFORE they exported oil, in other words, even if Sudan didn't have oil or China, our government is friends with very wealthy people/terrorists. Funding a war/conflict etccc. is not difficult.
The problem here is not China, it is HAVING A CRIMINIAL GOVERNMENT.

Mia Farrow, why don't you stop criticizing and blaming China for once? I appericiate your concern about the plight of Darfurians but calling it Genocide Olympics is NOT going to save Darfur.

President Bush, If you are very interested about human rights in Africa , why don't you stop buying oil from Equatorial Guinea? We all know that the president there is the biggest disgrace to the human race!

What is your problem with Sudan exactly? Please don't say Osama Bin Laden lived there. We convinced Carlos the Jackal to come to Khartoum in the early 1990's and then we handed him over to the French. We told you guys in 1994 that we are ready to give you Bin Laden and you said No. Think of another excuse please. There is no US and YOU, we've all suffered from terrorism and fundmentalism one way or another.

I'm sick and tired of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is baloney and I hate baloney.

Good for you Spielberg, you are a total conformist now. Hollywood loves you! wohhhooo


bobby fletcher said...

Mia Farrow is out of her mind.

After so many years of inaction and indifference by the West, we suddenly want to blame Darfur on China? There are plenty of blame to go around, starting with our support of the SPLA and John Garang 10 years ago:

At any rate the original Darfur mess we started has since been replaced with inter-tribal conflict and herdsmen fighting for territory. Neither Khartoum nor Beijing has much influence over that.

China is simply a scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kizzie,

Im not sure I agree completely with your post here. I do agree there is a lot of hypochrisy out there especially with US Foreign Policy. The argument Ive been hearing out there though of "all or nothing" regarding foreign aid, military intervention, trade...I think does not help in any way. I find it commendable that Spielberg droped out of the committee. I don't think he did it for news coverage, if that's all he wanted, he could find other ways, he's Spielberg.
You're right,it's not a war between China and the US.The call is not coming just from the US, it's more a movement of individuals, think tanks, NGOs to shed a light on what is going on (China veto of every UN resolution calling for sanctions, supplying the Sudanese gvt with weaponry and being their #1 oil export, hence financing the atrocities).

My point is we need more than calling the games Genocide Olympics to stop this conflict, more than diverting funds form Sudan, more than marching to Sudanese embassies but those are collective efforts. Since Khartoum does as it pleases, the intl community is watching, how does one just stand there...

But hey, that's just me. I actually applauded the guy for it!

Just found your blog, great posts!


fake consultant said...

why is mr. bush concerned about somalia and not equitorial guinea?

i'll tell you, but you won't like the answer.

because equitorial guinea was not in the movie "blackhawk down"...and somalia was.

sadly, what we know about the world outside the usa is based on very little actual experience...and mr. bush seems to know even less.

if you ever want to understand us, you have to realize we know nothing about you. a lot of it is our fault...but a lot of it is because we have so much to know about.

for example, somalia's problems are mostly with nations in a 5000km circle of where you are right now.

the usa? we irritate countries all over the world...and it's just hard for the average person to keep track of it all.

and you are correct for smacking us around...but keep in mind that when we screw up, it's usually ignorance that's at the core of it all.

that's why i read your blog...i'm trying to be more aware than the average american.

fake consultant said...

my i was trying to be less ignorant and i screwed up sudan and somalia.

this is exactly the ignorance i referred to in the previous comment...and as i just demonstrated, we are all as guilty as we can be.

the good news? at least we're beginning to try to do better.

jinni said...

Kizzie,nice post.I also share the view that the war in Sudan is caused by the government and the united states as usual,is not interested in solving the problem because they do not have economic interest there.
I do not know what China has done but I do know that American establishment is envious of the economic success of china and are always at loggerheads with them.
Instead of these guys mouthing empty rhetorics,they should do something serious abt ending the war in this very beautiful country.The first thing is to investigate the government´s romance with the janjaweed militia and prosecute whoever is found guilty of human rights abuses.Only then will there be peace.

Doja said...

Personally I do not blame china or anyone else for our 'African Woes', we are the architects of our own troubles, we need to solve them ourselves, no one can help us!