Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rumour Has it

Rumour has it that a Saudi Islamic scholar said that African women shouldn't wear the veil/the hijab because they have no beauty to cover.

Excuse me for not covering my "nappy" hair, only "beautiful hair" is to be covered.

The purpose of the veil is to cover your beauty? what? what?

Rumour has it that an Islamic cleric in Egypt said that Muslim women should breast-feed their male colleagues at work.

If I have to "breast-feed" nasty old men at work, staying home is not a bad idea. Being a housewife is great times!

This is when Islamo-phobes sit back and laugh at us Muslims. This time, I'm going to laugh with them not at Islam ( because I'm proud of my religion) , but at Muslims because some Muslims are just hilarious.

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Dalu said...

Just, wow.