Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stop ranting about the evil black south africans!

Yes, a few bigoted, frustrated and unemployed black south africans attacked fellow Africans from Zimbabwe, Mozambique ,Malawi and so on.

Instead of asking
why are they frustrated and angry?
We started reminding them that we
-supported them against the "evil white oppressers".
-we hosted many black leaders when the ANC was banned
and so on and so on.

Let's keep in mind that 15 years after SA's transition to democracy and the end of Apartheid, many black south africans are still living in grinding poverty.
!5 years is not enough to change everything, but don't blame them for expecting the end of Apartheid to be the end of all their problems.

What happened in SA happened to other Africans in many other countries , but SA was just more aggressive and it received more media coverage.

In 2005, it happened to Sudanese refugees in Cairo.
In the 1990's, to Somalis in Kenya.

The foreigners are always the scapegoat.
They are taking "all the jobs" etc...

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Jah Guide/ras babi babiker said...

Because of what we know; the South Africans are supposed to be the most conscious among us, we can not accept it from our brothers...
it is too pain-full...
I know what you mean, when you say; Eygpt and others have done simillar things...
it is time to wake up
we do not accept this sister, those guys must be punished for what they have done...
Look at Africa!!
much respect.