Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sudan in chaos

The rebels are in the capital. Yes, innocent civilians are going to die and destroying the capital is not going to help the crises in Darfur in anyway, but it was going to happen...sooner or later.

What to do?
We need a transitional government right now, Bashir needs to STEP DOWN!
Hand over the power to a transitional government for the next year, until the 2009 elections.

If the government doesn't take this seriously and implement the darfur peace agreement, the whole country is going to collapse.

If the concerned international community cares about Sudan, they should pressure the government to step down.

Where is Kofi Annan? He solved Kenya's problems, he needs to fly to Sudan right now really.

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rob rooker said...

Hoping that you and those close to you are staying safe. Also hope you manage to keep posting events on your site.