Monday, June 30, 2008

Africa and Zimbabwe- Quiet Diplomacy

Today, president Mugabe is in Egypt for a key African Union (AU) summit. He is going to look for support and for a man so convinced that the situation in Zimbabwe is "fine", he is going to deny what happened...what is happening.

After a long war with the Rhodesian government in the 1970's, Mugabe emerged as a national hero in 1980. Currently, he is an internationally-disrespected thug. Zimbabwe, the breadbasket of Southern Africa and one of the best economies in Africa went down the drain.

In an interview with Heidi Holland, the author of "dinner with Mugabe", he said "what country is [as good as] Zimbabwe?...What is lacking now are goods on the shelves - that is all."

Obviously, Mugabe doesn't live in the Zimbabwe we know. Mugabe is as insecure as an overweight high school girl, he surrounds himself with family and friends,his only supporters. His supporters keep giving him what he wants all the time, reassurance.

African leaders need to speak up and the African Union needs to impose severe sanctions on Mugabe and his cronies. Quiet diplomacy doesn't work all the time.

The Southern African community needs to take some serious action, last time I checked South Africa was losing millions of dollars because of Zimbabwe ( mainly foreign investment).


Colin Campbell said...

I am curious whether any of the African Leaders will do more than say naughty boy. Perhaps you could try harder next time. Not very hopeful.

fake consultant said...

the last two posts make the same point--that governments can resolve internal conflicts through economic growth--and i would suggest you can apply this line of thinking far beyond africa.

iraq, iran, pakistan, russia, the "stans"...these are all countries that are having similar problems with ethnic groups that feel disconnected from the larger nation--and of course, here in the usa we are 150 years into a racial healing process that is not yet complete.

TI3GIB said...