Sunday, July 18, 2010

Burning money for a cause

Apparently a Swedish feminist group burned $13,000 to protest unequal pay for women.

According to AP,

"The Feminist Initiative party says the money set ablaze on the Swedish island of Gotland on Tuesday represents the amount of money the country's women miss out on every minute in comparison to men."

It is sad to think of how much could've been done with this amount of money.

Dear Swedish Feminists,

This is not activism, this is just waste of cash.

Flags were burned in front of me, but this hurts a bit more.

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Zola Sudaniya said...

that's as annoyingly wasteful as food fights.

- side note: why have i only just found this blog?! it's going on my feed list. i can't say no to anyone that loves "high fidelity"