Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coming up-"The Asian Dragon" n some ranting

I'm going to post something about China and Africa soon!
I usually post while studying or doing something really important, yes, academic books inspire me!

My personal updates:
1-I might be a Justice Africa intern this summer! I applied last night and I really hope they accept me:)
2- I went to a very interesting lecture today, An Egyptian Egyptologist found what many believe is "Cleopatra's" mummy!
3-I was talking to a friend today and we were discussing what happens to women at war and how rape is used as a war weapon.) Then, I did some research about Bosnia and Rwanda, I was horrified. So, I decided to conduct my own research on Darfur!

Representing bilad al Sudan!


Daana Lost in Translation said...

salaam kizzie...can I ask u 2 tell me a little about this justice africa thing. I wanna know some more about it...I'll pray that u get it insha Allah. Academic books also inspired me a fact almost anything I read that is of substance inspires me. Oh I like the title "The Asian Dragon" I'm really interested in Asian culture lol

Kizzie said...

Hello Daana lost in translation.
Justice Africa is an organization based in London. They offer internships every year ( 3 -6 months) where you intern in different programs such as the sudan program/hiv/aids etc...
You get the chance to attend conferences n seminars, meet activists and get to know about NGO's and ofcourse work with a very qualified team on different African issues. (have u heard of Alex de waal?) You also get to learn about different research methods.
I really hope I will get in, I applied really late :(
I also applied for this Kenya/Uganda expedition this summer. It's a month long expedition where we build schools in kenya and uganda and live in local villages and get to know more about the kenyan and ugandan cultures. Its also a great chance to get to know fellow Africans or people who are interested in Africa.
plus, I'm from Sudan, Uganda and Kenya r bordering countries and I've never been to any bordering countries expcet Libya and Egypt:(
Daana, I love reading! I know what you mean!
Since we are both sudanese and we can borrow things from each other, can I borrow nice books from u?:P:)

lol The Asian dragon in Africa, I'm gonna talk about china in Africa.
Yes, I love Asian culture too. I've been to Thailand and Malaysia. Thailand was amaaaaazing! I would love to go to China. I want to work in China after Í graduate 4 a year or so...b4 I go to grad school!:)
bas, I suggest you go to Thailand!
Its a perfect place for a honeymoon or for travelling with girlfriends. Amazing shopping btw!

Ensayn1 said...

Hi Kizzie, rape in war is being totally over looked. Two things, a female friend of mine is from Kenya she is Kikuyu, she explained to me in countries in Africa that are considered Islamic many of the woman lose their female organs in child birth due to too much anal sex prior to marriage. Can you possibly verify this? Also, there are large numbers of female U.S. soldiers and Marines that are being raped by male U.S. soldiers and Marines while being stationed in Iraq. Many female Marines and soldiers have died due to dehydration, by avoiding drinking water late in the evenings since females are being sexually assualted while going to the outside latrines at night.

Kizzie said...

Dear ensayn1,
what you just said broke my heart!
This is horrible!
Yes, I agree with you it is being totally overlooked. I was reading an article about Rwandanese women the other day. After the genocide, about 70% of the population of rwanda were women and about half a million homeless children (orphans!), the rwandese women were gang-rapped ( sometimes their rapists used hiv as a weapon), many of them were forced to keep their unwanted children, many were mutilated n etc...However, after the genocide they did most of the work although many were severly traumatized.
This happened in Bosnia too and many other places.
I don't know if your friend is right or not but I know that some women prefer to engage in anal sex because they dont want to lose their virginity prior to marriage. Some societies are so conservative and a girl can not marry if she is not a virgin. I don't think that too much anal sex will result in a women losing her female organs:)
Well, virginity is a very imp issue in this part of the world and some women who lose their virginity prior to marriage undergo re-virginization (not sure of the word) or simply hide it from their families.

I'm not aware of what's happening to female US soldiers and marines stationed in Iraq but thank you for informing me about it.
This is terrible!
I think that some very important things are overlooked by the media. Women are the major victims at wars and the physical and psychological trauma that women go through is unbelievable.

Thanks for your comment:)

Ensayn1 said...

Kizzie, Thank you for your resopnse and forgive my loss of proper words for my question but I am glad you overstood what I meant.

Kizzie said...

Hello ensayn 1,
no problem:)
let me know if you have more questions