Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Because Sudan doesn't have bigger problems!


A British schoolteacher has been arrested in Sudan accused of insulting Islam's Prophet, after she allowed her pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad.

The police force doesn't have anything to go except arresting 54 year-old kind Gibbons!


Amjad said...

da ta5alof. they're just making our religion look ridiculous.

lady macleod said...

I read about this! I don't know how to spell all the bad words that come to mind...

Kizzie said...

I want to know one thing, how da hell did the police find out about it?

lady macleod,
I know. I feel the same way! poor woman!

Amjad said...


Parents of the children reported this to the Ministry of Education complaining about how the teacher is insulting our prophet by allowing the children name the teddy bear Mohammed. The Ministry of Education then reported the case and police arrested the teacher.

I say the parents should have been more open minded. Their kids are the ones who named the teddy bear Mohammed and they probably chose that name because it's their favorite name or they just hear it a lot, not more or less. Nothing offending our holy prophet (PBUH).

Shame on those parents, shame on the Ministry of Education, and shame on the Sudanese authorities.

y3ni almashakil 5il9at fil sudan 3shan they make all this fuss? And now the British will NOT let this go! ..

This thing is political! Sudan is just getting itself in more trouble with the western countries.

Amjad said...


Apparently it's only parents of one child who complained about this and then the authorities arrested the teacher.

Wolfie said...

Apparently the children told their parents who then went and reported it to the police. It just demonstrates the ingratitude that these people have for British citizens who leave their comfortable lives in the UK to go and help people less fortunate than themselves. If the parents were truly offended they could have simply gone to the school and had a quiet word with the woman. So take your pick on their motivation.

Dalu said...

"I want to know one thing, how da hell did the police find out about it?"

Someone who couldn't get all their homework done in time and needed an extension reported her in...

This is really something... :'\

Kizzie said...

They interview some parents and they said that they are ok with it. one parent can make this fuss, ridiculous!

I understand your anger but I|'m sure most sudanese people believe that this is RIDICULOUS!
Most parents said that she is talented and the kids are angry about it so, many of us are grateful:)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Don't you think the situation is being used for who knows what political ends - by both sides?

Phil A said...

”I'm sure most Sudanese people believe that this is RIDICULOUS!”

Yes - Sure they do, that’s why they want to lynch, or at least shoot, her.

Muaz Ataalsid said...

Many Sudanese people are the daily victims of extremist mentality that led to the imprisonment of Gibbons. The regime encourages this line of thought unfortunately. I and many Sudanese are displeased with what happened in The Sudan, and the matter could have been resolved amicably as it is a cultural misunderstanding. We strongly believe it was an innocent miscalculation from Ms. Gibbons side, and she been a non-muslim all doubt should have been accorded to her in utmost respect. Simply put Sudan has no place for extremism and fanaticism. It is a sad childish event that will be written in the history books against Sudan.

Muaz M. Ataalsid
Sudan.Net / SudanForum.Net

Anonymous said...

Yet another great example of the ignoracen we are plagued with. The fact that naming a teddy bear created such a fuss is asenine. This brings ignorance to a whole new level. These indignatnt bastards that actually put cuffs on this woman should be ashamed of themselves. This is something that the worls will rememeber for years to come, and Sudan will be remembered as one of the most ignorant nations on this planet. Inocent miscalculation? This was a good teacher that allowed her kids freedom to name a teddy bear for God's sakes! This was nothing more than one disgruntled asshole giving a group of ignorant jackasses a reason to be on the headlines. They feed on the fact that they will be begged to for mercy. I am from that area...I know these so called "leaders"...nothing more than a bunch of ignorant despots. This will bring great shame to a nation that already has a history of doing one horrible thing after another. SHAME!!!