Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where is the money?

Recently, a friend of me informed me about Khartoum International Community School (KICS), a private international school in Khartoum.
Out of curiousity , I googled it. I mean if one day I lived in that crazy confusing country, I want my kids to have a Western or international education. Apparently, the staff of KICS are "westerns" and it's really hard to get a job there if you are Sudanese ( is it a rumour?).
I did manage to find their website and again ..out of curiousity.. I glanced at the tuition sheet only once. I told my mum the huge number and we sat there mentally converting it to US dollars.

Nursery School - about 8,000 US dollars
High School- 15- 17,000 US dollars.

No wonder most of the students are ehm ehm white.

what da hell ?! The overwhelming majority can't afford to pay 17,000 US dollars for high school education!!!!


Dalu said...

Per year or semester?
Geez, that's almost as high as some public universities here. I don't know of any private high schools or middle schools that high though. At least in my state, but you never know...


Amjad said...

Ironically, there are lots of Sudanese families who send their kids to this school, and yes, pay all these loads of money! Whom are they? Where do they work? Allah a3lam!

BTW, I blogged about this once,
here, and you commented on it, don't you remember? :-p

Kizzie said...

Amjad, so u r the friend who told me about it.... sorry al zahimar!
I remembered I heard about it before bas dont remember the person


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Sudanese international schools are a little in the news lately, Kizzie.

Dave Lucas said...

Tuition is HIGH even here in the U.S.
A school in my city is quite expensive... out of reach for average families.