Friday, June 1, 2007

More pictures from Sudan ( Chapter 4) The Arab-Sudanese


Alphamale said...

These are Rashida aren't they ?

Kizzie said...

not all of them:)

pommygranate said...

so where are you kizzie?

Kizzie said...

I'm in cairo

pommygranate said...

i meant the photos!

Kizzie said...

hey there,
lol u should be more specific:)
most of the photos are in east sudan.

Amjad said...

I never knew that eastern Sudanese look like this.

Anyhow, thanks for the pictures. I really miss Sudan a lot. I'm not sure if I will be able to visit it this summer, mostly not. But I hope to visit it as soon as possible.

Kizzie said...

Not all of them AMJAD, there are also Beja in the East, who look like Ethiopians and Eriterians.
Sudan is very diverse!

i hope u visit sudan soon!

DZA said...

those are rashayda i guess, the best smugglers ever man lol

Mohamed Meabed said...

التواصل بين البشر هو المسئول عن إحداث النمو
على مستوى الفرد والتطور على مستوى المجتمع ككل
فعندما تقوم بعمل صداقات في العالم الخارجي
فأنت بالتالي تُنشىء صداقات في عالمك الداخلي
وفي داخل عقلك مما يجعلك دائماً يقظ الفكر والوجدان
ونحن لسنا أنظمه مغلقه مع نفسها
ولكننا خلقنا على ان نتأثر بمن حولنا هم يؤثرون فينا بتشجيعهم لنا
وكذلك توبيخهم لنا ونحن كذلك
فإذا احبك الناس حتماً ستشعر بالراحه والتلقائيه عند تواجدك معهم
ماأجمل التواصل

The other face of the Sudan is not known to the world,,that is my next post in my blog Egypt today hooping to visit me soon