Sunday, June 3, 2007

Why Sudan rejects UN troops

Many of my non-sudanese readers asked me the same question " If the Sudanese government can't stop the conflict in Darfur then why on earth are they rejecting the UN troops".
I answered a couple of them but my answer was half satisfying.
Here you go, this is a very good answer from Sara Flounders who travelled to Sudan after the bombing of El Shifa pharamceutical plant in 1998.
She is very anti-west and anti-US but her answer is similar to that of the Sudanese government when they were asked to accept the UN intervention.


Amjad said...

'cause, in my opinion, the government wants to show that it's anti-American and can live without America, unlike other countries. It's all about showoff.

Kizzie said...

well, sudan learned to live w/out America to be honest. I mean we are already under US santion! we just learned to look at other options such as *China*

Alphamale said...

AS much as I belivie somehting should be done, I just don't like the UN anymore.

Un peacekeepers are almost as bad as the "janjaweed". They rape, torture and murder.

There is freaking child pornography studios run by UN personell in Congo. The soldiers (even the those whom come from muslim countries) rape and coerce women into sex. They alos murder innocents...

Not to mention the restore hope in Somalia, rea up on it. Made my blood boil.

The worst of all is that if they are sentenced which is rare they get pathetic punishments, such as dihonourable discharges. And in mots cases there isn' even a doubt these monsters film or take pictures of their acts.

Poeple wonder why I am cynic

Kizzie said...

Alphamale, thanks for the very interesting comment.
Yes they did similar things in Southern sudan, it was a big issue a while ago.
Yes peacekeeping troops may cause problems sometimes and I will never change my mind about the UN troops and the operation turquoise in Rwanda:)

Can you give me the links to articles or websites about this?
its very interesting, i would love to write something about it.

Alphamale said...

There is tones about it. It's very late over here and I am tired of reading about it again as well, since I become so freaking anggry (injustices kind of do that too me), sort of like reading about the Bosnian War in which our muslims brethern were slaugtered right in front of the world. But google "Restore Hope"+Somalia. And the Congo issue is even easier to find, just typy UN+abuse+Congo or so. And you will find lots. I may google later, for now I need sleep, she's 03.37 over here

Kizzie said...

hey there
I know Teysir!
it will be nice to get me intouch with her again.
we used to chat online years ago, she is a friend's friend:)

Alphamale said...

You know TEYSIR ?
Lay in a GOOD word for me won't ya
....Just joking....ehem, unless...:D

Kizzie said...

yes i do know her through a friend