Thursday, August 9, 2007

Exciting...weird..interesting...hollywoodish...darfurian news

A few days ago, Darfur peace talks were held in Arusha,Tanzania(obviously). Everybody was there from rebels to international envoys to Darfur however, Suleiman Jamous, a co-ordinator for the Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA) was absent. It's not a big problem since a celebrity offered to "take his place". Mia Farrow,a goodwill ambassador for Unicef and the ex-wife of Frank Sinatra wrote a letter to Beshbesh, the Sudanese president and offered a Darfur Exchange. Since Jamous is getting medical care and can't attend the peace talks, she might as well take his place. I mean an actress can be in the shoes of a Darfurian rebel once in a while.

She seems like a great person but a Hollywood celebrity taking the place of Jamous is just too much!

ps:- great idea for a Hollywood movie!


lady macleod said...

I'm sure in the movie she would come armed and force the others into democracy and good will; the closing would be a parade where everyone is well fed and carrying lilttle American flags...

In truth I hope her intentions are well meant, but as you say a Hoyywood celebrity taking the place of Jamous...not kosher.

Kizzie said...

great idea lady macleod!
I'm sure she will win an oscar/academy awards for that, all movies in africa touch many hearts in america.
I'm sure her intentions are well meant but I read an article somewhere that she only became interested in darfur recently so why would she take his place? She didn't fight for years and years.

Sudan said...


According to my understanding, the actor wanted to take Jamus' place in prison as opposed to her place in the talks in Arusha. I believe it's just a game to release Jamus from imprisonment/hospital so that he could attend the talks. She wouldn't have agreed to come without an army of cameramen.

But all the same, she showed some cut and concern that was not shown by others.

Sudanese returnee

Black Dahlia said...

My biggest concern is, where was Angelina Jolie during all of this?

I think we can all safely agree that Angelina Jolie can single handedly solve world hunger, parent all the world's orphans, all while shooting down evil doers.

kizzie said...

well whatever she was trying to do is weird. I understand her concern amd her interest to save lives in Darfur but there is a limit to what a hollywood celebrity can do.

Angelina is Africa's answer to all problems! A loving mother, a millionare and her perfect holiday destination is africa , kenya to be more specific:D