Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Australia and it's new immigrants

So..the Australian immigration minister announced that Australia will ban refugees from Darfur for a while because of integration problems. Instead of Darfurian refugees, Australia wants to replace Darfurians in its humanitarian refugee programme with people from Iraq and Burma.

My comment:-
If the problem is "integration" then do they really think refugees from Iraq and Burma will automatically integrate into the Australian society. Isn't it smarter to start to start effective integration programs?
For example, it's important for refugees to learn Australia's official language and acquire basic knowledge of Australian values and history.

"One community leader said they were making an immense contribution to the economy by taking jobs which many Australians simply did not want to do."

The same can be said about mm Turks in Germany, North Africans in France, Latino's in America- They usually do the work the locaks don't want to do .


Lord Higham-Johnson said...

Understand your reaction, Kizzie.

Kizzie said...

lord higham,
I know I was a bit biased but I would've said the same things about other immigrants:) Just cause I'm a tad bit afro-centric doesn't mean I wont defend other people's right:):D
I'm also extremely passionate about the plight of immigrants after doing a 2 month course and research and field work on immigration and refugees in america and egypt.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Kizzie,

This new policy from Australia does not surprise me. The west has a history of this sort of thing as I'm sure you know. Just compare the way Cubans and Haitians are treated in the U.S.

If a Cuban makes land, he or she is allowed to stay. If a Haitian makes land, he or she is detained in a filthy detention center and deported. Even though a Haitian is in much more peril being returned to Haiti than a Cuban returning to Cuba.