Saturday, October 20, 2007

Malawian Couple Ready to Adopt Britney Spears Children

Interesting news from African Loft at

Why not?

I'm sure American children feel disadvantaged and left out because African children are in the spotlight when it comes to "adoption" :)


Dalu said...

This sounds like something I would see in the onion.


Aaron Stewart said...


(Also I responded to your comment from earlier. :) )

Ensayn1 said...

Kizzie, I would love to see this happen it would be great. I have often wondered how many Black African families are passed up by these international adoption groups just to send Black children off with white families. It's irritating to me that whites always, always think its so cute to have white families adopt little Black children and raise them in a white world but making it difficult if not impossible to allow Black families raise little white children in a Black family and world!!

Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. These people, aside from the idiots that published this morbidly stupid story need a reality check. Do you honestly think that these children are better off in a poverty stricken country than right here in America where there are thousands of good families ready to take on these responsibilities? Anyone who thinks this is a viable story needs their heads checked and lots of therapy! The tabloid media has made a parody of these beautiful children and now they claim that an African couple has even the right to circumvent the laws of this nation? The tabloids are nothing but sensationalist liars and whoever believes a word they say is just as riduculous as they are.

Kizzie said...

Dalu and Aaron,
interesting eh?
This story made my day. It's simply hilarious! I'm always loooking for such unusual things.

well, if the family can afford to raise them in good conditions and provide for them good education,good home etc... then why not?
Well, in both cases, it's a good chance for people to co-exist:)

If the family makes sure they live in good conditions then why not?
Yes, the entertainment mags are absurd sometimes! but hey, if they don't have people who read them regularly and believe them then why bother to publish anything?:)

Dalu said...

Geez, why is anonymous so negative? :'\ calm down. heh

The Randomness said...

Great post Kizzie...geesh I would adopt them too...after they get new teeth lol. @ anonymous...simmer down...the world does not revolve around you

Anonymous said...

I am just tired of these rags that publish this crap. The world does not revolve around me at all, I am just saying that actually considering taking these kids to Africa, where my family is from (Mombasa), is not right nor fair to those children...there are far better suited families, with much better means, that could care for these children, that's all I am tryng to say. Also, I wish this country would boycot these ridiculous magazines.