Friday, January 4, 2008

Ya Ma ' Afrika

You might call it an African version of "Girlfriends" or "Sex and the city", but Ya Ma'afrika is different in many ways.

It's a fictional drama about four African women living in the big apple. It explores the challenges and experiences of Africans living in the west specifically African women immigrants.

In the show, Yetunde, Kui, Chipo and Welisane are housemates from all corners of Africa with different backgrounds. The show captures the cosmopolitan side of Africans, rarely shown on TV in the West. "Ya Ma'Afrika" celebrates the diversity of talented actors from all over Africa and the Diaspora. The show's dynamic cast includes Zimbabwean poet U-Meleni Mhlaba, as Kui; A talented Noro Ejaita from Nigeria, as Yetunde; A celebrated Zimbabwean actor Nomsa Mlambo (Everyone's Child) as Chipo and Cameroonian actor/model Yana Bille, as Welisane.


jinni said...

cool,wd love to watch the show.where can i get the link?or u could post the trailer on ur blog.anybody likes hausa film shd cherck out my blog-musings of a lost soul

Dalu said...

I just got all kinds of hooked on Sex and City (and I already love Girlfriends). lol. So, where can we watch this african version? Do I have to bootleg this?

Dave Lucas said...

Looks interesting... any videos out there on YouTube or anyplace????

Zahratique said...

i wanna watch it! i hope it get put on youtube!

Kizzie said...

This is a trailer guys

You can watch it on TeleSud, do u have it?
I wanna watch it too:)