Thursday, April 10, 2008

Burj El Fateh

It's a good imitation of Dubai's Burj Al Arab.

We, the Sudanese are excited about Burj El Fateh, the new egg-shapped hotel/mall in K-town.

I'm talking about a country at war and under severe American/ European and UN sanctions. I can't help but think about a Sudan at peace. It could easily become a regional powerhouse!
Sudan, the pride of Africa ( in the near future, say ameeen!)


Sudanreturnee said...

I'll join you in saying 'ameen', BUT...

Sudan always had this opportunity to became whatever it wanted, and it choose to became a disaster...

I was in Khrt recently on my way to Blue Nile State, Damazin to be precise. The 'development' you see is only centered in a few selected areas in the North, the rest are left in the wind...

More than ever b4, some citizens in Sudan are beginning to wake up and see how marginalized they are... and they are not keeping quiet about it.

Kizzie said...

Yes Sudan did become a disaster.
Sadly, we should be the breadbasket of Africa and a regional powerhouse! bas war and a cruel dictatorship crippled the country.

I don't know if I should agree with you or not. I know that development is centered in a few areas, however, I think that the South needs time before we start talking about the level of development there. There are good development schemes, I've been told so at least , but it needs alot of money and man power to do so.
I think that now Sudan needs its citiens more than ever. We need to invest and develop the underdeveloped parts of Sudan.
I've lost hope in out government. Sudan might be a failed state but we are not a failed people!

ThoeY said...

I love Sudan :-(