Friday, April 11, 2008

When Judgement day comes,the Sudanese deserve to go to Heaven

Decades of war, a psychotic president and an unendurable climate , I believe that the Sudanese should go to heaven.
Everytime I lose hope, I look at the average Sudanese and I'm optimistic again.


Anonymous said...

I agree.

Only because no way do I plan on going to hell. :P

But this images do fill me with fuzzy feelings. :)

Colin Campbell said...

Good Luck

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Crushed said...

Not including the President, presumably :)

fake consultant said...

"I look at the average Sudanese and I'm optimistic again..."

isn't that the way everywhere? our leaders seem to need us to lead them, rather than the other way around--but as you point out, when we do take the lead it is often to the benefit of all.

in the us, we're trying to fix the disaster we set upon the rest of the world--and this election coming up in november seems to be a big step in the right direction.

last comment: the moment i saw the baker's bread i began to wonder how that bread would taste if it had been baked with rosemary and garlic...but that said, is there anything that beats nice warm bread?

well, i guess there are a few things, like fresh blueberries you picked yourself, and tomatoes just pulled from the vine...but that said, perfect warm bread is just sooo good.

Jah Guide/ras babi babiker said...

After this we suffer no more
no more pain
this flood is for a reason
the water must clean
what must be clean...
Dear sister,
God gave us Kush
a heaven on earth
look what
we have done with it
Where is Kush?
Where is Soba?
Where is Sudan?
if general al-Bashir is counted as one of us, I refuse...

Emily said...

You write very well.