Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Six People On Time

It was a little over a month ago that I found myself alone in a protest sitting on the stairs of a large tower with six security (NISS) officials clad in safari suits to add a sense of mystery to their work. One was picking his nose, two were staring at me, one got up to get a cup of tea , one was scratching his foot and another one was looking around trying to assess the situation and was possibly taking mental notes. I was tweeting and trying to find out why….people are late to a protest.

The protest was scheduled to take place at 12 o'clock and it was now 12:30 and I felt uncomfortable, bored and judgmental. If we really want to hold a successful event. whether its a protest or a workshop, we should all show up on time. Time is a key element in successful protests. We need to gather a sizable number of people and make noise before we are dispersed through violence, harassment or shoved into a police truck.
The "protestors" were supposed to meet at a certain spot about 5 minutes away from the tower , but many were late so as I was waiting with the 6  bored officers.  , they were also waiting for others to show up.

Sometimes everything in Sudan seems frustrating. We all seem to want Sudan to change for the better, but we don't go about it the right away.

I had to leave by 12:45 or 12:50 to get some work done. The protest did end up taking place and it was a relative success. The organizers managed to make noise and bring attention to their cause.

I wish I came an hour late to witness it :)

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