Friday, May 4, 2007

All eyes on Samy Deluxe, the gorgeous Sudanese German

Samuel Sorge was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1977 to a German mother and a Sudanese father. ( yes, I had it make it bold).

He is one of Germany’s most successful solo rap musicians. He recently started his own record label, Deluxe Records.

Samy Deluxe grew up with his mother's family as his Sudanese father left Germany when Samy was just two years old. Shortly after this event his half-sister was born. After living in Barmbek for many years they then moved to Hamburg-Eppendorf, a generally better-off suburb of Hamburg. Given this contrast - he certainly did not come from a well-off background - and his constant problems at school with teachers whom he often defied, he looked for a release and a way to express himself away from school. He soon discovered music. Samy is currently working with Hamburg's Finest artist, Illo, The Headliners, and Rob Easy.

Samy is known for his freestyling skills. Even his fiercest rivals have admitted that he is one of the best Freestylers in Germany. Audacious and eloquent, Sammy initially chose an aggressive style, based on imaginative use of metaphors, complex overlapping rhymes and his own melodic flow. Therefore he is sometimes called the German Jay-Z. He favours constructing constantly changing pictures rather than telling long stories. Critics find fault with his limited content and repetitive subjects, but Samy claims he is keeping it real.

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