Saturday, May 12, 2007

This is reallllly weird!

Check this out..
no, it's not a website about Sudan or a forum for young omdurmani's.


Daana Lost in Translation said...

I came across that website a while back and was shocked by its contents. I personally think it is a joke from a sick person who decided to use a misleading name such as omdurman to promote for his or her propaganda. anyways, there are a lot of websites that are anti islm on the web unfortunately that persent false info to ppl who might want to seek to find out about islam. This is true for any other subject, there are a lot of websites that have no credibility and present misleading info. allah kareem

Kizzie said...

the thing is the persons email is kitchener! there is a quote from the movie "khartoum"and he also quotes Gordon. This is sooo sudanese! why would he include all of this if the site is simply anti-islam

Alphamale said...

That's the biggest pile of anti-islamic shyt I have seen yet. And I have seen quite abit. Here I was thinking I had seen it all, and sadly enough I was wrong, though not surprised

Kizzie said...

Alphamale,you have no idea!
anti-islam seems to be the trend right now:)
I don't mind people not sharing my views but you know what...let me be!

Alphamale said...

Thankfully some resourceful muslims came with a counter