Friday, May 11, 2007

Pictures of Sudan (Chapter 3) Life in Sudan

1- Our very own White House , the presidential palace in Khartoum ( I don't know why I added this picture!)
2- Celebration in South Sudan, (people think the Conoglese are the best dancers in Africa but hey come to South Sudan to see the real thing!)
3-A mosque ( religion is a big part of the daily life of the Sudanese )
4-Farming in Sudan ( I hope the sudanese don't become to dependant on the Oil money and stop farming like the Nigerians did back in the days)
5- The famous bridge ( story time, this *ancient* bridge was previously located in India. Many decades ago, the Sudanese purchased this bridge from the Indians. In other words, this bridge is second-hand...Welcome to bilad al Sudan!)


R said...

Hi Kizzie, I tagged ya!

Kizzie said...

Hello R
Thank you so much:)
I adore your blog!

Pianki said...

Hi Kizzie,

I am wondering if you have any background info on the "real" situation in Sudan.

I've become very suspicious of all the "Sudan Genocide" media hype from Western officials who didn't give a damn about Rwanda, the Congo or Uganda. I'm quite sure they are after the oil, and gold and it would appear that they are trying to also deceive the African Diaspora into helping to promote their insidious agenda.

This should be discussed on Afrospear and within the blog ring to determine if this is true. If you reach this conclusion, then there should be an effort made to remove these "Save Darfur" ads from Afrospear and other African blogs. The next discussion probably should be: How to mobilise the pan-african organizations in North America (probably internationally) to pressure the UN to remove UN troops from Sudan immediately and to give further aid to the African Union troops. Perhaps even pressure the Sudan government, if they are seen as abusing human rights.

It would also appear that some rebel groups have close ties with Washington. A similar situation appears to exist in Zimbabwe, where the wrongdoings of the opposition party, (also a benefactory of Western support) scarcely go reported. This is another Western scramble to wrest Africa's hands from the rising Asian powers and to suppress the Africans from ever truly developing self-rule.

Please note, that I am not saying that Al Bashir or Mugabe are saints, but it would appear that their governments are being sabotaged by Western powers. It is known that the West does not like the growing African trend of increased trade with Asian countries like China and India. Believe me, if the UN and US troops start a war in Sudan, they'll probably start the real genocide.

That being said, it is important that we determine the fact from the fiction and get involved in lobbying for Africa so that we dont'sit around and watch our own holocaust.

Please note that I bet most of you haven't seen a picture of Omar Al Bashir on television. Kinda reminiscent of North American media coverage of Africa that never shows the city, only the rural villages and abject poverty. In my eyes, it's all smoke and mirrors. However, it's up to the Afro-spear community to determine where the real truth lies.

These are just a couple of the websites that I've come across that have had articles/webcasts on this topic:

Kizzie said...

Dear Pianki,
The best online resources are blogs:)
They are honest and objective.
Yes, there is a conflict in
Sudan and many people were killed but it is portrayed in the western media very badly.
I posted before about the int'l coverage of disasters in Sudan. In fact, I wrote a research paper about it at university.
Here is a good link about the poor coverage of Sudan

Some books and other resources on Sudan:

Emma's War
Alex De waal's books
Eric Reeves articles

If you compare Bashir to Mugabe then Mugabe must be a nun!:)

If you need more information let me know:)