Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Good bloggers listen to their readers. I did :)

Here are more pictures of my beautiful homeland. I picked this title because most people don't think it's beautiful. It's too dry,too hot. Home to amazing sandstorms and disasters. If you forget about Sudan's painful modern history and focus on the history and civlizations,culture and people,deserts and forests,the nile and coral reefs and sunsets, you will see alot of beautiful things. Simple things limited to this huge african country. Things you will always remember.

I don't have many pictures of the Sudan. Almost all the pictures I have are collected from websites and friends. It's hard to find pictures of Sudan online. 1-Nobody goes there except the braves ones who ignored people,went there and loved it 2-Unfortuantely, I don't visit it alot because of personal reasons. So, I didn't get the chance to take pictures.

Here are pictures of places and people.


1- white nile and Blue nile. When you stand on the bridge you can notice the difference. It's like this natural barrier separating the blue nile from the white nile.

2- The North is mostly desert and the south is green.

3-The coral reefs in port sudan are gorgeous and since noone goes there, there is almost no damage at all. It's a great diving area but honestly, if tourists started going there. It will be ruined.

4-Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt and Mexico.

5-The market featured is called the arab market.
6-The first lady is wearing "the toub", it's supposedly the national costume but I don't think so. It doesn't represent all ethnic groups.
Enjoy the beauty of The Sudan


Sudan said...


Beautiful picks, too bad only one from down south, but still beautiful. Show how rich Sudan is culturally and historically.

"I picked this title because most people don't think it's beautiful.".... C'mon gal! Don't care too much on what other people think..

Kizzie said...

The only reasons why I didnt post many pictures from the beautiful south is because I don't have any. I have many pics of people and khartoum n nubian pyramids.
Send me pictures and I will add them right now!

Amjad said...

beautiful pictures indeed.. Those pictures aren't doing Sudan's beauty any justice. People should really consider visiting Sudan to see the beauty themselves! :-)

Ebony said...

My mom recently went all the way down to the south. But she was more concerned with capturing images of her family there was little landscaping. I would have gladly shared some with you. :) I have a friend on facebook that I harassed into bringing back some images from the south with we will see how that plays out. :)

Now, I personally believe that the discovery and history channels here need to start going to sudan and lay off egypt and it's wonders for a while. hehe :P Seriously...

Kizzie said...

guess what ebony,
I totally forgot that my Dad went to Juba three times atleast in the last 2 years!He took many pictures last time and the time before. I hate my absentmindness. I found his pictures and I tried uploading them but my connection is horrible!
I will upload them and show the beauty of the south but bring on the pictures please:D

jmb said...

These photos are wonderful and for someone like me, who has never seen photos of the Sudan before, they are a great introduction to your land.

Welcome to BlogPower. I look forward to coming back to explore this different world.

Kizzie said...

welcome to the Sudan!

It's funny how you called it the sudan, very british.