Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Going back to Cairo

Hello there,
I'm in LA now and I'm overwhelmed. I will go to Cairo this weekend and I will write many many posts.


Daana said...

kizzie...ur already going back chica....well I haven't heard from u but I hope u had a good time in the states. Loved ur post about the hijab (u should've asked me about my experience lol)...lakin yallah tawsali bel salama insha allah...and we want 2 see pics plz

kizzie said...

Dana, I tried to call u twice.
I was in yosemite for a week and we didnt have a phone in our cabin so when i found a pay phone i tried to call but I don't know what the lady told me exactly, dont remember. I think your phone was off or the number you've dialed is wrong..I dont remember but I swear I tried!
Tell me about your hijab experience, it will be interesting. I didnt know you wear the hijab!:)
I will upload more pictures, the first pics were so crappy1