Monday, September 3, 2007

Bob Marley told us to liberate Zimbabwe....Did we?

Let's face it
Our grandparents generation and our parents generation screwed up Africa...big time!
Just because I'm Sudanese doesn't mean that I care less about the sufferring in other African countries.

Recently, I've been asking myself- What is going on in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa's former Bread-Basket)?

when inflation is 400%
When life expectancy drops from 60 to 30 in just 15 years
When about half a million of a population of 13 million is homeless
When 20% of adults are HIV positive
When teachers can't afford the bus fare, they stop going to schools
When a bunch of people are forced to leave their homeland because of the color of their skin
When bread is a luxury
When human rights abuses are so bad, the country is facing severe international isolation
When a leader is immortal
When 25% of primary-school children drop-out of school in just 3 years
When educated women are forced to work as prostituties in neighbouring South Africa

Are we waiting for England to take action? Are Africans really uncapable of solving any problem at all?


Black Kush said...

Thought provoking as always! You know the best African country that can bring sense to Robert Mugabe the Notorious is South Africa's Tabu Mbeki the Weak! Unfortunately, they still worship Mugabe as the great African liberator and hero because of his support during the struggles in South Africa.

These failed to see that the Mugabe of old is a completely different one from the current maniac. With almost half the educated elite fleeing the country (about 3 million currently in South Africa alone) you never know what will become of that country.

It is unfortunate because the leaders will not intervene when the problem is economic. Maybe, when a civil war beaks out and thousands start dying, THEN the world will wake up. How sad. Think Darfur.

By the way, inflation is now at more than 7,600% and rising!.

Lord Nazh© said...

Last I read, inflation was over 1000%, homelessness was rising about the 2 million mark (80% jobless).

"Are Africans really uncapable of solving any problems at all?"

I'd have to say yes. Not because they are in fact not capable, but because the 'west' has been solving (or trying to) the problems of Africa for so long, that Africans simply wait to be bailed out. When the west stops trying to be the saviour of Africa and lets Africa fix itself, finally the people will get the power they need.

Kizzie said...

About the inflation I did know that it was overt 1,000(I read it on some blog) but BBC said it was 400% and I just liked to believe this was the true number!
Not that its a good thing but over 1000% is criminal!

Lord Nazh,
"I'd have to say yes. Not because they are in fact not capable, but because the 'west' has been solving (or trying to) the problems of Africa for so long, that Africans simply wait to be bailed out. When the west stops trying to be the saviour of Africa and lets Africa fix itself, finally the people will get the power they need."
I agree with you actually. I would like it if africans solve their own problems and it wouldbe better if the west stopped financial aid and food aid, it makes us even more dependant!
We are soo dependant on the west, it's not even funny....

Black kush,
Doesn't South Africa known that they are losing billions of dollars worth of investment because zimbabwe is so unstable?
Investers r so discourages to invest in RSA and other southern african countries because of zimbabwe.
Not to mention, the zimbabwean refugees flooding RSA.

Anonymous said...

Last one out please turn the lights off... Zimbabwe is doomed so long as foolish people lie in thrall to this liberation politics crap...

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

The West still controls much of the infrastructure, produces the weapons that arm Mugabe, controls the economy...

Mugabe only does what he is allowed to do.
Never forget that.

Dalu said...

400%? We briefly discussed Zimbabwe today in my "Globalization and Challenges of Peace in Africa" which is a mouthful by the way, but no less mouthful than the former title...but point is....inflation rate is 7,600%.

To be honest, until your post and today's discussion, I never really gave Zimbabwe much thought. :'\

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, a terrible situation and the west stands by. What do you think Africans should do, Kizzie?

Kizzie said...

crushed by ingsoc,
yes the west pumped sooooo money in zimbabwe! well in the begining he was doing good and there were alot of hopes for zimbabwe but mugabe usually got the money he needed.

Itry to educate myself about every single African country because its my continent and even if sudan was doing great and other countries were not, i would still be willing to help in the development of other african countries.

I believe we are just assuming that since we are (europe's child) they are going to help us! the instability in zimbabwe can spread to other African countries and it is destabilizing all southern africa. I don't know what south africa and other african leaders are waiting for because there are many many refugees leaving zimbabwe everyday by car or even foot to make money n support their families back home.
A while ago, African countries elected zimbabwe to head the UN's commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), so mabye not all of us realize the enormity of the situation in zimbabwe or mabye when it evolves into a full-blown civil war, we will get up n do something!
i'm ranting now...
A while ago, a meeting was held in SA to discuss the political problems in zimbabwe, if they are really serious about wanting to help zimababe and the zimbabwean people, they should've monitered the elections in zimbabwe and stopped mugabe from electing himself. I mean 27 years are quite enough!
I really dont want any western country to intervene because we just need to solve our problems ourselves. It's a shame that Africa can't do so after years of independance.

Dalu said...

It has been years since independence, yes, but we are still relatively a very young continent...there's bound to be a lot of trail and a lot more error before we are able to stand on our own two feet.

Black Kush said...

Hey Kizzie. The lastest issue of the magazine New African has a special issue on Zimbabwe. You will be well enlightened on the issues raised here. Try to get your hand on a copy.