Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dear Sudanese Bloggers

I've been told that we were mentioned in an Egyptian newspaper. The writer encouraged our writings and he also mentioned a few blogs he likes.
Dana Lost in translation
Ayman ElKheider
John Akec
Hashim Marbaji

I'm so happy 4 all of us wallahi!


Amjad said...

That's great... Nowadays there is a nice collection of Sudanese blogs to be proud of! :-)

BTW, Ramadhan Kareem! May Allah accept your & your familiy's fasting and prayers!!!

Kizzie said...

Hey there
Allah Akram:)

Yes,I'm very proud!

Daana said...

Ramadan Kareem...which news paper...let us know if u have the scoop :)

Kizzie said...

Hello there,
I will try to scan it!
It's called al Dustoor