Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stay tuned- A24

ok, this was my idea but hey, I'm glad it was done for Africa by an African.

Next year, A24, a pan -african news channel will start broadcasting from Kenya, East Africa.
It's like Al-Jazeera, a pan-arab channel however, A 24 is for Africans, by Africans.

Finally, we Africans will start voicing out our thoughts about what's happening in our continent.

Here is a quote from the Kenyan journalist and founder, Salem Amin:

Salim Amin wrote in an article: "We are different in each corner of Africa; we have different histories, cultures and many different languages. But we need to talk to each other, we need to understand all these differences, we need to share our successes, and jointly fight our problems and failures - many of which are similar - HIV, malaria, corruption, poverty, human rights and education."


lady macleod said...

As you say, excellent idea. Communication is essential to the resolution of problems.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I think that this is an excellent development.

Alphamale said...

Long time e no see Kizze. Been reading you have changed since I last visited your blog or maybe grown. Though of course it's possible I am wrong. You still have nice blog and I learn stuff. Studies keep me away though.

On topic, a an all african channel is an awesome idea, hopefilly it's owned by africans with the heart on right place otherwise it might turn ugly (I'm looking at YOU, BET) though of course that can happen anyway.

Kizzie said...

lady mcleod,
yes indeed. Also, Africans need to have their own voice (we finally do!:)
yes! I'm very excited now I know whats my future job:)

where art thou?
I missed ur comments:)
I guess I did grow:)
I'm guessing u dont have a blog, it said so when i clicked on ur name, get one!
yes, its owned by a Kenyan!
It's by Africans for Africans:) n people who want to hear our voice ofcourse