Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let's talk about Sandra.....

Beginning of the fall semester, yuppy!
I'm a junior now and although I was a freshman a few semesters ago, the first though that came to mind when I saw them today was "kids!". They are! Every semester, they keep getting younger,skinnier and shorter. Not to mention posher! Half of them were wearing designer jeans, skimpy tops and gucci/prada/louis vuitton bags.
Anyways, I was standing there talking to some friend when a noticed a familiar face. She was tall, slim and had the most-beautiful skin ever. I've met her last June during the world refugee day even held at university. Her name is Sandra and she is from South Sudan.

I walked up to her and started talking. She was shy, insecure and I could tell that she felt out of place. Mabye she was intimidated because she didn't know anyone or mabye she was worried she is not going to get the scholarship.
Not only is she extremely beautiful, she is also intelligent and will make all South Sudanese proud.
She is going to be something one day!
I hope she gets the scholarship.
Pray 4 her

Sudan returnee:- eh ra2yak fel 3roos di? she is really cute, I can hook u up!


Dalu said...

I thought you were talking about me until you got to the "sandra" part and I realized that I didn't live in Egypt. :'P

oh and then there's my being vertically challenged and all... :'P

But yea, my first day was extremely annoying, God, my campus grounds felt SO crowded and I was running around looking for classes...getting more irritated by the minute by all the cyclists/skate boarders trying to run me over and oh the extremely warm weather! Hey I live in Minnesota and 80 degrees F (don't know what that is in celsius) is pure hell!!!

I don't know what it is, but I'm suddenly noticing the male presence on my campus. Hahaha I am walking around all wide eyed like, where were all these fine specimen last year? :'P

Because one thing I am admiring is definitely not the sharp contours of my books (which I've already memorized from last year), but all the topless athletes running around. *sigh* I swear they are putting on a show that I can't help but attend to.

Kizzie said...

oh yeah u just had to be politically correct didnt u dalu lol
dont worry hun, I'm horizontially challenged!
I wanna start a wesbite for fat bloggers! fat bloggers united:D 80 F is like 27 C, which is cold! Even if its hot in america, ur sun is not like our sun, EVIL!
God dalu, i wish its 80 F every day!
Tell me about it, we females really outnumber males here! They are soo few especially social science majors, they think its too gurly here! whats wrong with a male sociologist!
We dont have topless guys,,,:(

Dalu said...

You don't have topless guys??!

I declare a state emergency, I'll donate some for you. ;') hahaha I'll just lure them with the some free food.

Hehe, as for vertically challenged...I meant I was really short. :'( I'm only 153 cm, on a good day.

But I guess you are right, our sun is still not as scalding as yours is (isn't it silly, I slept during biology so I have no idea why we share suns yet have different levels of hell). I used to live in Oman, and I hear that's worst than Egypt. But I've adapted to this cold environment of mine, so now I can't stand any kind of heat! HAHA, Minnesotans wear shorts when it's 45 degrees outside (with a parka :P)! That's like 7 celcius? Purrrrfect!

I guess for us here it's the humanities where I find it disproportionately more girls than guys.

Quit it, you're not fat.
I on the other hand need to gain weight before Angelina Jolie confuses me for a starving orphan and kidnaps me...

which might not be so bad at all. ;')

SudaneseReturnee said...

who won't want to sit on angelina jolie's lap as an adopted kid or otherwise...

So, Sandra is the 3roosa eh! Excuse me, someone is really disturbing me right now, will b back later.

Dalu said...

I brought up Angelina simply for the wealth and status, which I'm sure conflicts with your reasons, Sudan Returnee's, for wanting adoption. :'P

Kizzie said...

"I'm only 153 cm"
how cute, I'm way taller than you:)

"I guess for us here it's the humanities where I find it disproportionately more girls than guys."
Yes..according to my mum many men study psychology n sociology in sudan but here they think its gurly. Im a sociology minor so in my socio courses, guys r nowhere to be seen ( we have like 3 guys in one of my courses and its alot!)

"Quit it, you're not fat.
I on the other hand need to gain weight before Angelina Jolie confuses me for a starving orphan and kidnaps me..."
lol...good one! I wish!

Kizzie said...

did I mention sandra is very pretty too! prettier than Angelina!

SudaneseReturnee said...

no conflict of reasons here. We both want max pleasure out of what Jolie has to offer but that wealth, status, good-will or... err lemme think... ooh yea, the comfort of her afro-lips and.. (do u want me to go on?)

SudaneseReturnee said...

i trusted u the first time and believe she is pretty. But u know, the thing is that I still can't handle gurls... face to face. They don't find my jokes funny and I need a translator to tell me what they really mean. Yea, it's this bad, once a gurl said to me.."c'mon, do i have to spell it out to you to kiss me.." I thought an insect had landed on her eyes and she wanted me to help her... damn!

Black Kush said...

I wonder if I could also have a Sandra of my own... Nobody seems to think about me. :(

Kizzie said...

black kush,
since this blog started offfering dating services , I will hook u up. I'm just finding the right girl 4 u:) u know looks, brains and humor (all in one)

lol, u r such a sudani:P lol sudanese guys need desperate help with ladiez!
lol, u just need to read between the lines, we r not that complicated.

Dalu said...

Afro lips, SR?

Wow. Now I've heard it all. :'\

Kizzie, when you're done, hook me up too. It's difficult around these parts also. I once had a guy who I was mildly interested in telling me that I was "too complicated/serious" and that's why he dated exclusively white girls. "There were easier to deal with and more UNDERSTANDING"


This was hilarious (but not really)because apparently my difficulty has ruined (even before he met me) his view of ALL Sudanese girls. And the few white girls he had dated represented the "easy going" nature of ALL white girls.

*head desk*

And I have heard these kinds of sentiments a bit too often.

Black Kush said...

Yippee! Am waiting, Kizzie for my turn! If SR cant handle Sandra, maybe I gonna try ma luck ;)

Dalu, what is it with you gal!? Maybe you are TOO smart for these guys to handle! You know boyz want gals that are not brainy, not necessarily easy going. From what I read from your writing, you are way up there.

Kizzie Dating Service to the rescue!