Monday, March 26, 2007

Four years is waaaaay tooo long!

About four years ago, hell broke loose in the western region of the Sudan known as Darfur.
The government unleashed their most destructive weapon, the .....r.....racist! yes I said it, the racist heartless good-for-nothing men known as the "Janjaweed". According to my sources, the Janjaweed were unleashed in Nuba Mountains a number of years ago and surely, they committed similar atrocities. When the Dafurians started their so-called "rebel movement",they had a few very affordable demands (better health care systems, education etc..). For crying out loud, Sudan is not a very poor country, we have OIL! Why couldnt the government fund some development projects there or atleast provide them with basic human needs? Darfur is roughly the size of France! Since independance (1956) not a single proper development project was in Darfur. Darfurians shouldnt live like refugees in their own country! They have plenty of natural resources and oil, the land and their resources should be exploaited the right way and the money should be use for their own development. Oh, I get it now...I understand what this is all about. The Dafurians are getting punished because they are not from the north or they are not Arabs. So, you have to be from the North or you have to be an Arab to be treated like a human being?
Uh-huh, this is interesting because we "Nubians" who happen to be black africans are only treated properly because we are educated/we are Muslims/ we are totally Arabized and we have property and money. No, I must be wrong because education matters! There is no bias and discrimination in sudan because if you got the right education or if you are qualified then you are likely to get a good job (even if your background is not "perfect" , in other words, northern) but how come northern sudanese who happen to be "high school drop-outs" are hired? Excuse my stupidity. They are from the North, they have all the good genes, if you like that sort of thing. They are better than the rest of the country and they are reliable ( according to our beloved leader, west sudanese are unreliable africans.)
According to my own personal sources, nearly 80% of the national wealth belongs to our Northern brothers and sisters. Yes, I know what you are all thinking , I mean when one hears about this, one cant help but think... Fair, Justice, Equality and all their likes.
So, next time you watch tv and you hear about another rebel movement, dont be shocked! They asked for it! Human beings are quite tolerant but they reach a certain stage where they get fed-up and they explode. Noone likes being you? Personally, I hate oppression and I would rather be killed rather than oppressed.
Obviously, I digress alot! I was suppose to write about Darfur but I ended up writing about equality and oppression :)

200,000 dead, 2.5 million displaced and thousands of others are suffering.
4 years is waay too long...

To be Continued

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