Friday, December 14, 2007

So what if you get raped?

So...when a 15-year-old Swiss-German teenager gets GANG-RAPED by three men, he gets discouraged from pressing charges against the three criminals because Dubai might charge him for HOMOSEXUALITY???!!!????

What is happening to the world?

The story continues.

Alexander Robert( the victim) and his family were forced to leave Dubai because they were afraid Alexander will get persecuted for homosexuality last summer.

He returned to testify in court, however, he was surprised to find out that one of his assailants is HIV positive (note:- there is a drug you take after you get raped, it lowers your chances of getting HIV by strengthening your Immune system),but ofcourse the police didn't bother to inform the family earlier!

Apparently, the police in Dubai can't understand that men can actually rape men. Yes, it happens guys! Get over yourselves. Let's stop being in denial and admit there is HIV in Dubai! By denying the existence of the problem, chances are it's not going to go away!

Finally, the three men are sent to prison.....for 15 years. WHAT THE HELL? Why not execute them?! What about life sentence?

Here is Veronique's website (his mother).

“We will be very lucky if turns out he does not have AIDS… but we will appeal regardless of the medical results,”Veronqiue Robert

We are content that they are declared guilty, but 15 years for (the man with HIV) is nothing,” mother Veronique Robert, a Swiss national, told Reuters after the trial.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where is the money?

Recently, a friend of me informed me about Khartoum International Community School (KICS), a private international school in Khartoum.
Out of curiousity , I googled it. I mean if one day I lived in that crazy confusing country, I want my kids to have a Western or international education. Apparently, the staff of KICS are "westerns" and it's really hard to get a job there if you are Sudanese ( is it a rumour?).
I did manage to find their website and again ..out of curiousity.. I glanced at the tuition sheet only once. I told my mum the huge number and we sat there mentally converting it to US dollars.

Nursery School - about 8,000 US dollars
High School- 15- 17,000 US dollars.

No wonder most of the students are ehm ehm white.

what da hell ?! The overwhelming majority can't afford to pay 17,000 US dollars for high school education!!!!

In Britain:- Gibbons is safe and sound.

From the BBC

Mrs Gibbons said the incident had "all come as a huge shock to me" and that going to prison was "terrifying" although she never actually spent any time in the Omdurman women's jail.
She said: "I never imagined this would happen. I am just an ordinary primary school teacher.
"I am very sorry to leave Sudan. I had a fabulous time. It is a beautiful place and I had a chance to see some of the countryside.
"The Sudanese people I found to be extremely kind and generous and until this happened I only had a good experience."
"I wouldn't like to put anyone off going to Sudan.
"I would like to thank Lord Ahmed and Baroness Warsi and I would like to thank all the people who have worked so hard to secure my release and make my time more bearable."
Mrs Gibbons said she was treated the same as other Sudanese prisoners and that the Ministry of Interior sent her a bed, which was "the best present".

She is a great woman. I would love to send her a present!