Monday, June 29, 2009

I miss I have no tribe, I'm Sudanese!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been gone for a long time. I can summarize my reasons in one word " senior year"! I was a senior and exactly 10 days ago, I received my undergraduate degree. I'm a graduate. I was busy with studies for a year. I've been horrible to this blog. I don't even think about that much anymore. I stopped bringing up my involvement in my blogosphere. Now, I want to come back and start blogging, wholeheartedly. I've grown a lot in the past year and I want to communicate that. This blog contributed to my personal growth. I've meet great people, read great posts and opened up to a whole new world.

Armed with my diploma , nothing can stop me;)

The first thing I want to do now is:- introduce myself. This blog was written by Kizzie. Kizzie was actually the name of the cat I wanted to get. I ended up not getting it, but I was attached to it, it was the first thing that came to mind when I wanted to start a blog. Kizzie became me and I became Kizzie. When I was an intern at a refugee council last January, I used to make phone calls to schedule appointments with guest-speakers for our weekly  or bi-monthly events, I used to forget and say, hey I'm Kizzie. 

A small introduction:-
My name is Reem. I just graduated from the American University in Cairo with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications and a minor in Sociology. I live in Cairo for now, moving back home in September or October. I'm a research assistant this summer. I'm always doing things all over Cairo. A typical day for me is spent going to at least 3 different places. I love eating out, if you are in Cairo, go to Maison Thomas (they have amazing pizza and their cheesecake is soo amazing!). I have great friends here, my best friend Sarah just left to the Netherlands and I'm trying to adjust to life without her! So, we are going separate ways, but looking at the bright side, there is skype  ,g-chat and the good old way of communicating - writing letters (Yes, I'm old-fashioned sometimes) I'm a city girl! I don't like the country -side that much. I can live there for a bit, but I love chaos and night-life!

Favorite Drink:- Irish-cream latte from Starbucks/ green-tea latte from Second Cup
Favorite Food:- Cake ( Carrot cake and strawberry cheese cake) 
Obsessions:- watching sit-coms/ coffee/volunteering


Anonymous said...

Hey Reem, I just graduated from American univ in Sharjah. Can't wait to see your interesting blog entries!

Congrats =)

jmb said...

Congratulations Kizzie. Good luck for the future.

G said...

Welcome back Kizzie!

You were the first person to talk to me about blogging and now my own blog is up and running! :D

Thank you!

Really looking forward to read your posts.

I love you!!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Yay you're back!! Keep it up :D

ahmed gabra said...

I, read your iterview in the image magazine , so i, search your blog it is wonderfull iam a Sudanese and have a blog under the title , the paradise nuba .

ahmed gabra said...

i , read your iterview in image magazine ,so,searched your blog and find it woderfull. Iam aSudanese from Halfa and have a blog under the title ,the paradise nuba.

ahmed gabra said...

i read your iterview in image magazine , so , i , searched your blog and found it very wonderfull . iam Sudanese from halfa and have a blog uder the title the paradise nuba

ahmed gabra said...

iam a sudanese and read your interview in image magazine , so i, searched your blog and find it wonderfull .

ahmed gabra said...

i, know about your blog from image magazine . i, find it very wonderfull. i, have ablog under the title the paradise nuba.

Hannah Cooper said...

oh i need to get back on this blogger train. green tea latte yeah!!! i can't wait to have one with you when i get back :)

Stacy K. said...

I just found your blog. I am so happy to see a young Sudanese woman blogger! I love your country and hope for a better future for all its peoples. I firstly love Somalis, but Sudanese hold a close place in my heart too ;-)
Khayr InshaAllah

Adil Abdalla said...

Salaam Reem...a pure coincidence brought me to your blog.. I do appreciate your efforts to promote the true Sudan within yourself.. Great that you stepped into the professional ladder, with great referrals and dreams too.. Keep on, Sudan needs lots of your alike..

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