Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kids Found the Oldest Industry In the World

In a poor school in Khartoum North, a teacher who is a single mother struggling to make ends meet, told me she gives two girls in third grade breakfast money. 

I was very surprised, knowing the daily struggle she faces with her low salary and low child-support money she receives, why would she even consider supporting the twin girls.

"I found out that they  go to the shop near the school everyday and the shopkeeper does whatever he wants with them for 50 cents each," she finally told me.

I was shocked, why are girls in third grade doing this and do they even understand what he is doing to their bodies?

The girls come from a poverty-stricken household and poverty is becoming more grinding in Sudan as the economy continues to deteriorate.

My family, who are middle-class, are affected by the alarming price increase, I'm sure this family is even more affected, the working class makes very little money , most families are in debt to supermarkets , work or relatives. This reminds me of a famous "joke"-a man makes 400 pounds a month at work and pays 400 pounds a month for rent. When asked what he eats. He says , he eats the rent.

Another girl, also in primary school, sells her body (unknowingly) to a banana-seller in exchange of bananas. She does that out of hunger, she comes from a poor and large family. Her mother works all day , but barely provides enough food for the large family.

A few years ago, my dad's friend told us a story. He found out that one of his acquaintances knows that his daughter engages in prostitution. When he asked him if he agrees with this, he said " I am too old to work and I know what she is doing is wrong, but she is sacrificing for her younger sisters."

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Unknown said...

people in my country forgot about there religion. they forgot about Qur'an and sonna ,, that is the only reason we are not moving forward … those mental people do, they think that,, they're going to last in this donia ???
no one will last for ever. we are all going to die one day. and what makes me laugh about this issue , is after all of these m3a9e and sayeaat we just through the whole thing to our government , and we come to say this is due to the political situation in sudan .. people please know that politics and politicians has nothing to do with our ethics and behaviours ..