Friday, January 18, 2013

Story of a Journalist

He is in his 20s and has been working in journalism since 2010, freelancing for a number of newspapers for free because as he puts it "I want to write and be productive even without pay"and working for other newspapers.

He worked at a newspaper writing excellent investigative articles on human rights and the political situation. 

Writing in a notebook at night and using the computer at the newspaper because he could not afford a laptop... he was making 300 Sudanese pounds a month after all.

He endured being summoned by the security services for his articles and was threatened with detention and being stopped from writing.

He was arrested during Sudan Revolts by security officers, beaten and his belongings were stolen.

He is one of the best journalists I've seen and I loved reading his articles. He is now working in the construction industry, transporting bricks and sand...building houses. He is trying to support himself and his family.


Steve Finnell said...

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sab7al5air said...

He is one of many that this country fight them hard and find themself talking to walls, but keeping their heads up and believing in their dreams is what keep them going