Saturday, July 28, 2007

More pictures (Representing South Sudan)

The pictures featured above were taken in South Sudan in 2006 and early 2007. They were taken by my father not me. It's a shame because I wanted to go there and take pictures. I have read and heard about the beauty of the south. The kind of beauty I will witness very soon.
1-The cabins are part of a new hotel owned by a Pakistani (I was told so). I think the government of South Sudan should start broadcasting ads encouraging sudanese expats to invest there.
2-A view from the top
3-Rest In Peace John Garang, a hero to all Sudanese.
Feel free to email me pictures I can post and look at:)


Unknown said...

hi kizzie...

thnx for the pics from the south. u know there is beauty in our diversity..

the first picture is taken from OCHA compound south of Juba close to the airport. you can just see the tops of the tents where some UN personnel stay, the building u see are old government houses and the airport could vaguely be seen further away...

If you can, you should visit the south...

Dalu said...

Yay. The green makes me feel nostalgic even though I've never set foot down south. :(

I plan to be there in two years time. If I have saved enough money (and school out of the way) and somehow managed to trick my mom into letting me go. hehe

Very nice.

Reem said...

diversity is a blessing.
I would love to visit the south.

oh, u will soon.
lol, that's alot to do! y don't you volunteer with some organization? That's what I'm planning to do. Have you heard of women for women, they are setting up an office in rumbek

Dalu said...

Women for women? Hmmph. Do they have a website I can visit? What do they do?

Amjad said...

Thank you very much for the pictures, Kizzie.

You know, I didn't get to see anywhere other than Khartoum in Sudan, not even my hometown; Dalgo So, it's really great to see pictures of other places of Sudan, especially the south.

Thank you once again for the pictures!