Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Break-up.

You see, they've been dating (on and off) for over 50 years, but they are still not used to each other.

You see, it's strictly dating, they are too reluctant to take it to the other level.
She is suspicious of him, he thinks she is fine, she has alot of wealth and goodies, that's his vocab.


you see, she wants to break up, but he wants her to reconsider.

He is trying to appeal to her in every single way, he is polite to her, he makes promises and he keeps some of them, he respects her sometimes, but it still doesn't feel right to her.

You see, he is reluctant to let her go, but she sees it coming.

She is worried.

I mean some couples break up czechslovakia style, peaceful and smooth.

She wonders if it is going to be Yugoslavia-style.

Is he going to stalk her all the time? mabye wage a war, kidnapp her sister and hold her hostage, throw her mother in the sea, blackmail her with old pictures or mabye he is just going to be rude to her.

She wonders

I don't know. She still wants to leave. Her bags are packed, her ticket is booked and she can't wait to get out of this abusive relationship.

She wanted her indepedence and respect. Is it too much? Men!

But, he loves her passionately. He is crazy about her.

Mabye that's why he hurts her sometimes.

It is some kind of perverted admiration, right?

Finally, she decided that she needs some time off. She needs to think straight. He agreed to give her 6 years, all the time in the world.

Take your time, dear, I will sit back and wait for you to make up your mind.

Three years on, she is still thinking.

Mabye she just wants advice.


I understand that the r.ship wasn't exactly milk and honey, but men can always change. Sister, why don't you resocialize him and talk to him. Invite him over, make some tea and talk your heart away.
Tell him to listen to you. Talk to him. If he loves you, he is going to take your views into consideration.

You are meant to be together, sister...right?

Praying for Unity.


Anonymous said...

Three years on, she is still thinking.

Mabye she just wants advice.


Nice piece! I know this particular sister and have seen her go through this though relationship...

3 years on, after the the time-off, this sister seems to be doing better than expected. She now buys her own clothes, makes her own friends and manages her own affairs....

She once told me she's really thinking to getting back with the man, but the man CAN NOT change at all! Since she left the house, the other smaller wives have also been suffering... that makes her wonder if he is serious at all...

I'm having tea with her this evening...

greetings from juba

kid said...

Greetings , I am contacting the blogroll on the Afrosphere one blog at a time. What is the most important issue you want me to send out.My heart and my mind are with you . Peace to you.

Reem said...


I'm very proud of her!
She should give him a chance? for a while mabye.
I mean his family loves her! They want her back.
I know he is not nice to his other girls but she is the only one capable of slapping him back to awarenss,she should tell him to stop the madness.

Dalu said...

That was a nice metaphoric story. Too bad I just kept saying "run run run" to the sister. One abusive, always abusive.