Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the memory of Emma McCune, support the Emma Academy

About Emma:-

Emma McCune was a British aid worker working in Sudan in the 1980's and early 1990's. She was also the wife of "rebel leader", Riek Machar. She was killed in a car accident in Kenya in 1993 at the age of 29. 

Emma  saved at least 150 war orphans before her death. One of them is world renowned rapper, Emmanual Jal.

In her honour, support the Emma Academy in South Sudan

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing lady. Her story is set to come out in a movie soon. I hope it is completed with accuracy and no sensationalized. It appears that her heart was definitely in the right place and she was truly a hero. I hope the filmmakers get all points of view on this lady from her rebel husband and family to give the world an accurate and complete picture of her. And hope they also pledge a substantial portion of their profit to continue the work she started and her benefactors continue to this day or I will not pay to see it. My $0.02

Anonymous said...

I have a god daughter who is Sudanese, and actually now the first female Sudanese pilot. I was looking through her photo albums from her parents, and came across a photo of a beautiful woman holding a boy around 8 years old. I asked my god daughter who this was, and she said "Emma." She went on to say that Emma came to her village often when she was young. Someone might want this picture, as it is taken as she was visiting a Dinka tribe. Any ideas on where to find someone who might be interested? Email me!