Monday, December 8, 2008

What's up with Obama?!

What's up with Obama? Why is he making the wrong choices? Is this the change he was talking about?

Yes, I know it's too early to judge, but I'm about to tell my family and friends, I told you so!

First he hires Ron Emmanuel, so let's say goodbye to peace in the Middle East. This guy prefers the use of force , does he even believe in peace?

Also, is he thinking about Susan Rice? Didn't she suggest bombing Sudan?
What do people say,oh yeah.... bombing for peace is like ****ing for virginity?
Yes, Sudan is in chaos but bombing it is not going to solve any problem! Stop trying to "save "us by bombing us! I don't get your logic Rice.
Do me a favour LAY OF Sudan because you don't understand it.

Another thing,

Richard Miniter, author of Losing Bin Laden, David Rose of Vanity Fair and Mansoor Ijaz, a Pakistani businessman all believe that Rice was central in refusing Sudan's office to turn Bin Laden over to the US.


Crushed said...

He's not McCain though.

I think Obama is a good thing, on the whole.

Hannah Cooper said...

you are the the conference!!!! i cannot wait to hear all about it !:) - hannah

Ammar said...

hi kizzie iam here to show my support and appreciation of what ur doing. i actually got to know about u just through ur recent participation in Beirut.

~PakKaramu~ said...


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fake consultant said...

for what it's worth, rahm emmanuel is to be the white house chief of staff, which means he will be in charge of the white house's employees, and he will, to some extent, control access to the president.

it is also highly likely that he will be a sort of "legislative coordinator" who will be involved in "managing" bills as they move through congress to become laws.

the issue of greater concern might be hillary's appointment to the secretary of state job. because she is so conscious of the political ramifications of decisions it is unlikely that she would encourage obama to be more supportive of palestinian concerns, meaning we might continue to blindly support israel for domestic political reasons, when a different approach would be smarter in the eyes of the larger world.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't happy neither impressed that he was elected!! Though I haven't heard of him before nor seen him!!

His winning and ther happiness in everybody's eyes scared me!

jinni said...

I am also worried about Obamas romance with zionists and neocons.I was optimistic abt the change he promised,but turns out he had to sleep with the devil to get the ticket.lets pray for him

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