Friday, August 10, 2007

Darfur Diaries and my state of mind

I'm going to take a few days off
1- to write a series of Darfur posts called Darfur Diaries where I will introduce readers to one of Africa's most complex conflicts
I wil discuss 1-History of the conflict 2-The Janjaweed 3-The role of everybody in Darfur(governement,Janjaweed and so-called rebels) 4-The rape stories and violence 5-The role of the AU 6-The role of the international community and China 7-Reporting Darfur
i'm not writing a book, my posts will be sweet and short however, I'm doing some research now because I want to present all sides.
2-I'm going through rough times and I need some peace of mind. No biggie, I just have some personal problems but I'm glad I have some great friends.
A very good friend of mine offered to take me with her to a very popular resort here. I'm going to enjoy the beach, great company and staying up till 6 am for a few days.

I hope you like the Darfur posts:)


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Kizzie, what a nice-looking blog you have. I'll be very interested to read your Darfur posts as I really want to understand it all. Meanwhile, have a good break. Auguri from Sicily.

Dalu said...

Have a lovely break. You'll be missed. :(

I need a break myself.

I just have no where to go. The joy of living in the midwest...*grumbles* After taking a friend today to her dentist appointment we wandered about, in denial, for something fun to do... finally just settled for some good ol' fashioned cow tipping. That's as much fun you'll ever have in my state.

Not fair you get all the fancy resorts. :(

Looking forward to your Darfur posts! :)

Reem said...

thanks and yes, your recipes are amazing!

envy me:p lol I didnt know the midwest was that...boring:) I only went to california(grt state) move to cali then! San Francisco is sooo cool!

James Higham said...

Good luck, Kizzie.

James Higham said...

I have mentioned this over at my site, Kizzie and I think many look forward to your "take" on Darfur.


Unknown said...

Hey Kizzie...

Hope 2 c u back soon. Enjoy the beach and make sure u not only return with a smile on ur face, but also get back that california tan.

About Darfur, looking forward to reading ur posts.

pommygranate said...

greetings, my friend

look forward to hearing your views on Darfur.

would particularly be interested in what you see as the correct response from the West. should we get involved? or turn the other cheek?

if the former, what is the best means of help? aid, trade, troops?

Reem said...

sure pommygranate, I must talk about that