Monday, August 13, 2007

Sudan is the first black african country to become independant, GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Last March, Ghana turned 50. I read this everywhere, African websites and blogs. People were proud. Africans were proud. Ghana was the first black African country to become independant.

of course
I emailed and told them Sudan is , Ghana followed!
Last time I checked we were a black African country and we got our Independence first. 1956! we will turn 52 next January!
Are they on a mission to piss me off?


Unknown said...


ain't u supposed 2 b on ur way to a resort somewhere, far away from all that pisses ppl off?

That aside, you are right about us being 52 next jan. Let's know what says to u.

Amjad said...

They are a bunch of ......

Reem said...

I'm leaving in two days but I just love my blog too much:D never replied, i emaild them last march. I stopped going there for my african news, i go to instead

Dalu said...

Hehe, this brings back memories. :'P

In my world history class(in high school)we were finally "covering" africa (basically given a whole lot of crappy info in the span of one week)My stupid teacher was all like Ghana was the the first African country that gained it's independance, I yell out, no it's not Sudan is. And he was like "Sudan is an Arab country, I'm talking about the independence of African countries." All the while look at me all smug. I was like "bitch Sudan is IN AFRICA."

Then I had detention. Calling your teacher a bitch is kind of frowned on.

But all semester long he kept spewing this stupid b.s. not just about Sudan, but a whole bunch of other crap in regards to my favorite continent.

I almost tackled him over teaching us about "African culture" what the hell is African "culture?" Argh.

This whole kind of crap follows you into college also.

Because I noticed in a lot of books here, North Africa is generally thrown in with the "Arab world," sometimes even in the middle-east. Sudan is not exempt from this bullshitting.

I thought this was just a stupid glitch in the American educational system, but I see the stupid is everywhere.

And I've found myself arguing about this with some other Africans.


I resent this.

a lot.