Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Long Overdue Note.

The ICC issued charges against my president for war crimes and genocide...old news!

It's hard for me to write about it because I'm in the grey area right now. It brought the Sudanese together and the overwhelming majority are against the ICC's verdict to indict Bashir ( note:-We all dislike the government, but for the average Sudanese, it was a verdict against Sudan more than its head of state). We are patriotic as hell. The international community doesn't know that. So the anti-Ocampo protests surprised them.

I want to see Bashir rotting in jail , but if he promised to LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE, I personally don't mind giving him amnesty. He should bugger off and allow the formation of another transitional-government.

The international community is happy about this decision( keep in mind, most of them know nothing about Sudan and Sudanese politics). They probably don't know that Bashir is just a puppet. He didn't even go to university for crying out loud! But he is surrounded with Oxford,Cambridge and Sorbonne-educated advisers. Many of them are lawyers and they know all about international law. They know how to break the laws and get away with it.
Bashir deserves what he got, but a part of me feels that he shouldn't go down alone. He is not the mastermind.

Never mind...... I'm off to watch Bones....


Colin Campbell said...

As you say, the different agendas are very complex. Yours really is the most important perspective, that of an ordinary Sudanese person.

Anonymous said...

Yes war crimes have undoubtedly been committed in Darfur, but what of the rebels who live in the hotels of Paris and in London and in Ndjamena far form the suffering of their own kinsmen?

What of the well documented use of child soldiers by the rebels?

What of asylum seeking Darfuri teengagers who deserted after having been duped into fighting by the rebels in exchange for scholarships to study in Europe?

What of the terrorist attack of the 10th of May 2008 during which the JEM attacked civilians and civilian infrastructure?

Yes Sudanese people are patriotic and they see the ICC indictment as an attack on the entire country and many are unhappy with the government but many are equally unhappy with the rebels who catalyse violence by remote control far from the battlefield.

International justice cannot be selective.

fake consultant said...

so let's assume for the moment that the international community's involvement is misguided thinking...and let's assume for the moment that bashir will not bugger off.

how do sudanese resolve the problems of removing bashir--and removing the cronies--and how can outsiders usefully assist in that effort?

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